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Case Study: Containerized RO System for Gas Processing Plant


Challenge - A large Natural Gas Processing Plant in West Texas experienced multiple water treatment plant upsets due to aging equipment which resulted in the frequent procedure of hauling in RO water in order to keep the plant from going down.


Solution - The plant turned to BWR to treat the existing well water.  After a review of the plant requirements and existing infrastructure, BWR designed a water treatment system that would provide amine makeup water along with low pressure boiler makeup water.  In order to reduce installation and lead times the system was containerized. The plant was provided with RO Feed Water Booster Pumps, and a 25 gpm Single Pass RO system. 


Results  - BWR responded to the customer’s specific requirements and delivered and installed the containerized unit which prevented the facility from having to haul in water or worry about down time related to water treatment plant upsets. 

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