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Our approach is straight forward. Our team of water treatment specialists work with you from design phase through commissioning to provide reliable custom engineered equipment.


Each project is tailored to your needs which yields lasting results to help you achieve the best technical and economic benefits for your water treatment facility.

BWR is well positioned for water treatment projects from 25 gpm up to 2000 gpm in all industries.  Systems may be skid mounted, containerized, or field installed. 


Our core technologies include filtration and separations equipment such as the following: Cartridge and Bag Filtration, Disc Filtration, Multi-Media Filtration (MMF), 0.5 - 25 micron Screen Filtration, Ultrafiltration (UF), Nanofiltration/Reverse Osmosis (NF/RO), Water Softening, Electrodeionization (EDI), and Deionization (DI).

Contracts may also be structured to suite a wide range of capital budgets and structed in one of the following formats: Design Build (DB), Design Build Operate (DBO), Build Own Operate (BOO), Build Own Operate Transfer (BOOT), or any mutually beneficial combination.

We use the latest in remote monitoring  and data analysis technology through our cloud based platform basinwaterlogix™ to improve operations and reduce maintenance cost.  For larger systems and or where system wide integration is required, basinwaterlogix™ is also fully compatible with Inductive Automation® Ignition®  platform.


Design and Manufacture

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