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Retrofits & Controls Upgrades

As water treatment systems begin to age or demand changes, system water quality and efficiency may decline.  A complete new system may not be feasible due to economic reasons or other operational constraints.  As a result, BWR now offers turn-key retrofit services on a wide range of industrial water treatment systems as a cost effective alternative to an entire water treatment plant.

An number of cost effective retrofit options are available no matter the manufacturer for a variety of filtration and separation technologies such as MMF, UF, NF, RO, EDI, DI.  

We offer expedited turnaround in emergences and have the ability to upgrade not only hardware, but also the controls systems.  In the meantime, we can keep you running with our reliable mobile water fleet.

Controls upgrades are also available for all PLC, DCS, and SCADA systems.  Controls upgrade can be tied into our remote operations cloud based platform basinwaterlogix™, which provides remote operations, monitoring, and data analysis to improve operations and reduce maintenance cost.  For larger systems and or where system wide integration is required, basinwaterlogix™ is also fully compatible with Inductive Automation® Ignition®  platform.

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