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Case Study: Rapid Response Mobile Water For 550 MW CCGT Power Plant


Challenge - A 550MW Power Plant in Texas experienced multiple water treatment plant upsets due to pump issues which caused significant production loses in water plant capacity.  Shutdown was not option due to the high power demand on the grid.


Solution - After reaching out to multiple vendors and none being able to deliver next day the plant turned to BWR to treat the existing water.  After a quick review of the plant requirements and existing infrastructure, BWR mobilized equipment within 3 hours in order to the meet the customer's specification.  The plant was provided with pressure control valves, one RO Trailer setup as Double Pass Reverse Osmosis, and coupled with existing DI Trailers to provide 125 gpm of 18 MΩ makeup water for 1500 PSI HRSGs. 


Results  - BWR responded to the customer’s specific requirements throughout the project, which prevented the facility from losing millions of dollars each day while also saving on water cost to due our improved recovery rates.  While awaiting the repair and installation of multiple components, the plant operated for two months with zero down days due to water treatment systems all with zero safety incidents.

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