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Temporary Water for Hydrostatic Testing and Discharge


Challenge - A major oil field producer was required due to re-assessment intervals to hydrotest 125 miles of pipelines located in West Texas.  This particular section of pipeline was located on state land and the state required treatment of the hydrotest water to direct land application discharge standards which involved the reduction of Oil, Grease, Benzene, TSS, TDS and Chlorides.  During the testing, the hydro test water mixed with remaining produced water in the pipeline and the contaminates all became elevated including a TDS of 10,000 µS.  Caught of guard by the elevated contaminates the hydrotest came to a stop until a solution could be proposed. 


Solution - The operation was down for seven days before finally contacting BWR. After reaching out to multiple vendors and none being able to respond rapidly the pipeline operator turned to BWR to treat the water for discharge.  After a quick review of the requirements and existing infrastructure, BWR mobilized equipment within 12 hours in order to get the operation restored.  The location was provided with bag filters, organo-clay, activated carbon, and one RO Trailer setup as Single Pass Reverse Osmosis to provide 300 gpm of water for discharge.  


Results  - BWR's rapid response to the customer’s specific requirements throughout the project prevented the operator from losing millions of dollars each unplanned day the pipeline was out of service.  BWR treated over 15Mgal that was used for irrigation versus disposal.

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