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Mobile Water Services

Mobile Water Systems are available from Basin Water Resources whenever and where ever your needs arise to meet your quality and quantity requirements along with the dependable service that keeps your plant running.  Supported by our cloud based platform basinwaterlogix we can provide remote operator support, enhanced troubleshooting, and data analysis at the touch a button.

Basin Water Resources offers skid and trailer mounted water treatment equipment for rental in the event of emergencies, plant capacity issues, or other needs that may arise. Our rental service contracts are structured to suit either short or long-term needs. In addition, our long-term contracts may be executed to offset the lack of capex required for utility upgrades.

Cartridge and Bag Filtration

Skid Mounted Cartridge and Bag Filtration systems are available for rent as low cost options for TSS reduction.  We offer two primary designs: a traditional bag filter system or high surface area cartridge system.


Flow rates available from 50 -500 gpm

Multi-Media Filtration (MMF)

Skid Mounted MMF systems are available for rent as low cost options for TSS reduction.  Systems can be loaded with various sand or mixed media, have onboard controls with automatic backwash ,and contain up to four vessels for continuous operation.


Flow rates available from 250 -500 gpm

Ultra Filtration (UF)


Trailer mounted or containerized UF systems are available for rent for drinking water or RO pretreatment when superior removal is required for TSS, bacteria, viruses, and other contaminates.  


Flow rates available from 100-500 gpm

Reverse Osmosis (RO)

RO Trailers are available for unexpected needs, temporary, or long term leasing in multiple different configurations.


Flow rates available from:

  • 50-300 gpm single pass

  • 125 - 150 gpm double pass

Electrodeionization (EDI)


Trailer EDI systems using VNX IonPure® Modules are available for rent as low cost options wherever DI water is needed, where exchange DI has become cumbersome, or in remote locations long distances from regeneration service facilities.


Flow rates available from 50-150 gpm

Skid Mounted Deionization (DI)

Skid Mounted 15 to 30 cubic feet DI mixed bed resin exchangeable tanks are available for rent for high purity or ultra pure water requirements.   


Flow rates available from 25-150 gpm

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