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Mobile Electro-Demineralization (EDI)

BWR offers the only trailer mounted EDI systems on the market, and they are designed for ultra pure industrial applications using proven IonPure™ VNX Technology.  EDI trailers can be coupled with BWR RO or existing plant equipment.

Mobile EDI offers several advantages over large exchange DI trailers such as a reduction in freight cost, small foot print, uses electricity to regenerate online vs onsite chemical or off site regen.  This design improves reliability by allowing the EDI system to do the bulk of ion removal.

Technical Specs 

  • 24' Enclosed Trailer

  • Proven IonPure™ VNX Technology

  • Influent Double Pass RO

  • 75 – 150 gpm per trailer

  • EDI + DI process flow for 18 mΩ water

  • Silica Leakage < 8 ppb

  • 3” 150# SS ­flanged or cam-lock connections

  • Data trending analytics with BasinWaterLogix™

  • 30 - 75 Operating PSI

  • 480 VAC, 3 phase, 40 amp load


EDI - Ionpure VNX.jpg
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