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BWR UF Trailer mounted or containerized systems are designed for municipal and industrial applications, including RO pretreatment.

Ultrafiltration membrane productivity is high, while pressure drop and energy consumption is low.  UF membrane technology is used to produce potable water, process water, and is used in the pre-treatment process of RO systems.

Ultrafiltration (UF)

Technical Specs 

  • 53’ insulated trailers

  • Up to 725 gpm Influent Flow

  • Up to 500 gpm Effluent Flow

  • Product water turbidity <0.1 NTU and SDI <3

  • VFD driven pumps

  • Oversized Touchscreen Display

  • 6” 150# SS ­flange or cam-lock connections;

  • 40 PSI min inlet pressure

  • 480 VAC , 3 phase, 250 amp load max

  • Remote communications

  • Data trending analytics with BasinWaterLogix

  • Ergonomic O&M layout


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